Are you a teacher or a teacher educator interested in making maths and science engaging and meaningful to students?

By introducing inquiry pedagogies and connections with the world of work, the mascil project supports you in making science and maths useful and relevant to students. Have a look at what the mascil project offers to you:

Courses and materials for teachers and teacher educators in thirteen different European countries.

  • If you are interested in joining any of these courses, visit your national website and contact the national teams. You can find links to the national websites here.

Toolkit for teacher professional development

If you are a teacher educator, mascil offers different toolkit for teacher professional development (TPD). The toolkits provide materials and guidelines on how to work with teachers to enhance science and maths learning by using inquiry and connections to the world of work:

Also the project maintains a platform, which hosts e-learning courses for teachers.

Opportunities for networking, teacher communication and collaboration

  • The mascil project emphasises networking, teacher communication and collaboration as a powerful means to build professional communities and support mutual learning and enrichment. To know more about these opportunities visit the Platform for teachers
  • Guidelines for virtual conferences can be found in the report promotion of European Networks.

 Collection of maths and science classroom materials

  • There is a nice collection of materials especially selected to encourage and support teachers to implement inquiry-based learning (IBL) and contexts from the world of work (WoW) in their daily practice in the section classroom material.
  • The collection is supported by established guidelines for (re)design.
  • You can find the ‘Problems of the Month’ (PoM) here. PoMs are carefully selected mathematics and/or science classroom activities for teachers. The PoMs are purposefully selected, providing opportunities for teachers to trial out inquiry based learning (IBL) on problems closely related to the world of work. For each PoM there is an online forum, where teachers may exchange their experiences about working with this particular classroom activity.
  • For accessing other materials from projects on which mascil is build visit the Scientix portal.

If you are interested in any coming up activity, report or event, subscribe to the mascil newsletter.

If you are a teacher or teacher educator interested in national or international collaboration contact mascil-freiburg@ph-freiburg or your national mascil team. You can find links to the national websites here.