Rubbish collection lorry smallHave you ever thought about how the driver of a refuse collection lorry knows which route they have to take? Plan your own refuse collection lorry route!

The lorry’s route should be on this street plan and must include every street at least once but avoid using the same streets twice as much as possible. Where must the lorry start so that no street is used twice?


Imagine that your pen is the refuse collection lorry. RoutesCan your lorry pen drive on these figures without having to drive any way twice? With which figures does your pen end up at your starting point after you have finished “driving”?

Why can’t you always complete a figure in one flow without having to pick up your pen or draw double lines? Look carefully at the places where your pen “got stuck”. How many streets intersect at these places?


Look at a map of where you live. Are there lots of streets there? What kinds of intersections are there? Are there intersections that a rubbish collection lorry has to use twice? Have you ever seen this happen?


Think up a difficult rubbish collection route and then draw it on a piece of paper. Then draw it again on the playground so that it is big enough to dribble a ball on the streets (or drive on it with a model rubbish collection lorry). Now pupils from your class should each choose a street and then stand on it. Then one child starts dribbling the ball through the streets. When the ball goes past a pupil, that child must sit down. When all the children are sitting down on the streets, the rubbish collection route has been driven completely.

self made route


You can find this task in the KonTeXis Workbook