On this site you can find tasks, that you can solve by yourself and that are inquiry-based and / or have a connection to the world of work. You can find a description on how to deal with inquiry-based tasks here.

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HaveAppCreator you ever wondered how you can invent a smartphone app?

Here is the chance to invent your own smartphone app.

Following these instructions you can create your first app.

This description will help you to create a fortune teller.

Let's see who invents smartphone apps that will get very popular and/or earn a lot of money!

Group photoTwo primary school classes of children ages 8 – 10 want to have a group photo taken with their teachers on the stairs in front of the school. Is there enough room for everyone on the steps? How would you position the children and teachers if you were the photographer? Give reasons for your answers.

Idea: Andreas Trautmann

Ice creamIn the ice-cream parlour: What do you think? How many scoops of ice-cream will waiter Stefano and his team need to serve all the guests at the eight tables in front of the ice-cream parlour who come on a warm, summer day?

Idea: Stephanie Seebacher

Rubbish collection lorry smallHave you ever thought about how the driver of a refuse collection lorry knows which route they have to take? Plan your own refuse collection lorry route!

The lorry’s route should be on this street plan and must include every street at least once but avoid using the same streets twice as much as possible. Where must the lorry start so that no street is used twice?

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