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The latest science education report (Science Education for Responsible Citizenship, European Commission 2015) drafted by experts for the European Commission outlines some very important insights and recommendations for STEM education in Europe.The report on science education for responsible citizenship continues to place emphasis on a focus that we have seen in education policies of the past years: the attention placed upon quality in teacher education, spanning pre-service education, induction and in particular, continuous teacher professional development (PD). In this respect the report also raises important questions on how to ensure, measure and evaluate quality in teacher professional development. In order to advance exchanges on improving the quality of teacher professional development, the report also calls for a European-wide exchange of knowledge, expertise and approaches through networks of science teacher educators and stakeholders in science education.

We are therefore proud that mascil contributes to advancing science education in Europe in line with the latest recommendations of the European Commission. In fact, we have been doing so for more than three years now – and with great success. In this and the following newsletter we would like to focus on some of our activities and offers that quite directly put the latest science education report recommendations into practice.

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More than 170 participants, researchers, practitioners and policy makers from over 20 countries, four different tracks, insightful talks and discussions and many follow-up activities already underway - this is the successful result of a mascil conference "Educating the educators: international approaches to scaling-up professional development in maths and science education" which was held in mid-December 2014 in Essen, Germany. The newsletter will provide you with more information on the conference and its outcomes.

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We are also proud to announce our 2014 conference in this newsletter. We hope to welcome many of you in Essen, Germany this year for an exchange centred on the topic: 'Educating the educators - international approaches to scaling-up professional development in maths and science education'.

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Rethinking teaching, helping students gain a deeper understanding of mathematics and science, supporting young people as they discover that maths and sciences are not only part of their everyday lives, but also fun: That is the essence of our new project funded by the European Commission we would like you to join in.

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