The mascil book is published now. Click here to read it: Mascil_BOOK_EN_web.pdf

This book aims to provide an introduction on how to connect inquiry based science and mathematics teaching in school to the world of work, and thus making mathematics and science more meaningful for students. The book describes tasks and their use in daily educational practice to show how teachers can enrich their practices with inquiry-based learning and the use of workplace contexts.

It is aimed at teachers and teacher educators and provides them with rich examples that show how inquiry-based learning and workplace contexts can be used in daily teaching practice.

In this book you will be introduced to the background of Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) and what it means to connect science and mathematics education to the world of work (WoW). We will highlight characteristics of tasks, (re)design guidelines and teaching methods that foster this connection.

How this can work in practice will be illustrated by inspiring classroom examples from mathematics and science and from various partner countries that connect IBL and WoW. The rich descriptions of classroom experiences to offer the information needed to adopt and use the classroom materials that are published on the mascil website: