mascil midterm conference on “Educating the Educators: international approaches to scaling-up professional development in maths and science education”

Teachers are the decisive factors in ensuring the achievement of creative and sustainable learning outcomes in mathematics and science education, in fostering young peoples’ competences and enabling them to become critically thinking, responsible and active citizens. Teacher professional development (PD) is the key to effecting change in mathematics and science education throughout Europe. Whilst the relevance of teacher PD is beyond dispute, there is still too little knowledge about how to scale-up professional development successfully and sustainably.

Initiating discourse and leveraging international exchange about concepts and experiences concerning this essential topic were the main aims of the conference ‘Educating the Educators – International approaches to scaling-up professional development in mathematics and science education', which took place in December 2014 in Essen, Germany.

Mascil hosted its midterm conference jointly with the DZLM (German Centre for Mathematics Teacher Education). The conference brought together researchers and practitioners – teacher educators, multipliers and teachers who are all engaged in the field of maths and science education.

The now published conference proceedings provide background information and aims of the conference issues described below. In addition, they compile conference conclusions, give an outlook on future needs and trends and reflect participants' conference experiences. The papers relate to four conference tracks, each addressing a different approach to scaling-up professional development in maths and science education:

(1) Scaling-up with multipliers in face-to-face professional development courses

(2) Blended learning concepts and e-learning support

(3) Disseminating and scaling-up through materials

(4) Professional learning communities.


A printed version of the Conference Proceedings is published at the Verlag für wissenschaftliche Texte und Medien Münster and can be ordered by mail from the publisher under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. More information about the printed proceedings can be found under:


A PDF-version can be downloaded here: pdfConferenceProceedings_EducatingTheEducators_MaassBarzelToernerEtAl_2015.pdf

ETE cover proceedings

Maass, K., Barzel, B., Törner, G., Wernisch, D., Schäfer, E., Reitz-Koncebovski, K. (2015). Conference Proceedings. Educating the Educators: International Approaches to Scaling-up Professional Development in Mathematics and Science Education. Conference Proceedings in Mathematics Education 2, WTM: Münster.







For more information about the conference please see the conference website