A distinctive feature of our project is our systemic approach as we work with all communities involved in education. Across the consortium our key partners in general schools, vocational schools, industry, policy makers, informal education providers and so on have declared their willingness to cooperate.

Core to our systemic approach are our National Advisory Boards (NAB) in each country. These consist of key-actors from important communities (such as school authority leaders, industry experts, representatives from vocational, general and informal education and parents associations). These boards have been established to assist development of the proposal and form a sustainable structure that can advise in all aspects of the project ensuring its successful implementation. In regular meetings of these panels strategies for implementation and dissemination will be refined.

The NABs will be linked internationally through the European Advisory Board (EAB) which will consist of one member from each NAB together with international experts. This will provide for sharing of experience among practitioners across Europe focusing on good practice and outcomes across the consortium and will facilitate the building of an active community of stakeholders. This EAB will support the NABs in identifying the European commonalities and differences and thus contributes to the European dimension of the project.

The EAB will regularly join the meetings of the consortium ensuring collaboration and cooperation.

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The members of European Advisory Board (EAB):

Michèle Artigue, University of Paris Diderot, France

Hugh Burkhardt, University of Nottingham, UK                              

Jesper Boesen, Gothenburg University, Sweden

Toni Chehlarova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

Costantinos Christou, University of Cyprus, Cyprus

Vassilis Dougalis, University of Athens, Greece

Manfred Euler, University of Kiel, Germany

Wolfgang Förg-Rob, University of Innsbruck, Austria

Andy Howes, University of Manchester, UK

Mar Jiménez, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, Spain

Wouter van Joolingen, Freudenthal Institute, The Netherlands

Doris Jorde, University of Oslo, Norway

Gabriele Kaiser, University of Hamburg, Germany

Jürgen Langlet, German national association for the promotion of teaching STEM subjects, Germany

Lynne Mc Clure, University of Cambridge, UK

Ivana Simonova, University of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Maryte Skakauskiene, Ministry of Education and Science, Lithuania

Günter Törner, University of Duisburg Essen, Germany

Kjersti Wæge, Norwegian Mathematics center, Norway

Manuela Welzel-Breuer, University of Education Heidelberg, Germany

Jane Imrie, National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics, UK

Alicja Wojtyna-Jodko, Polish Association of Teachers of Natural Sciences and Technology, Poland

Mustafa Hilmi Colakoglu, Advisor of Minister of Education, Turkey

Gabriella Zsombori, Hungarian University of Transylvania, Romania