Nowadays, teacher education does not have to be restricted to face-to-face sessions. There is a growing interest for approaches in which sessions like these can be combined with teachers’ work in the distance using an educational platform (like Moodle or similar) or even approaches completely delivered online.

E PDtoolkit

Mascil has developed an e-learning version of its PD toolkit, named the ePD toolkit. It follows the same principles and structure of the face-to-face toolkit (domains, issues and professional questions), but it is more than a mere translation. Group dynamics and collaboration among teachers have been redesigned in order to be effective when working in the distance. Tools have been rewritten, following a similar structure, and detailed information for teachers and group facilitators has been included.

Mascil ePD toolkit is offered as a collection of Moodle packages that can be installed in any Moodle platform (version 2.0 or later). The package is addressed to teacher educators aiming to prepare a professional development course following a blended learning or a completely e-learning approach. Teacher educators can decide to download and install the whole package within the Moodle platform they are using, or just parts for it.

To download the files, click on the coloured box below. The packages are offered as compressed files (.rar). Please, decompress them first, and then import them into your Moodle platform.


e pd toolkit 2


ways of working 2


ways of working 1

IBL pedagogies

IBL pedagogies 3

IBL pedagogies 2

wprld of work 2


wprld of work 1


To know more about how to install and manage the ePD toolkit, as well as to get more information about its structure and contents, please download Mascil’s guide pdfFacilitating teacher professional development in e-learning communities.