Policy seminar on scaling-up STEM teacher professional development


Strengthening collaboration between research, practice and policy is one of the main intentions of the "Educating the educators" conference. Therefore, national and European policy makers were invited to the Policy Seminar to collaborate with STEM educators, researchers and practitioners, in particular representatives from teacher associations and the fledging Network of European Professional Development Centres. The Policy Seminar was part of the "Educating the educators" conference. Its topic was “Scaling-up STEM teacher professional development: Overcoming challenges through a research-policy-practice dialogue”. The main aims were to:

  • Present the latest research on teacher professional development and its scale-up: Effective models, key principles and discussion on implementation, shortcomings and challenges in the European context.
  • Discuss recent trends and innovations in Europe: The work and experiences of newly established STEM PD Centres; scope and focus of the European PD Centre network initiated by project mascil and ways to further strengthen the voice of practice at all levels.
  • Propose action to overcome challenges to scaling up STEM teacher professional development by drafting “next steps in Europe! – on the basis of mutual exchange between policy makers, researchers and practitioners.


pdfPolicySeminar: mascil statement

The seminars workshop format ensured that every participant left the seminar with concrete ideas on improving STEM teacher education and professional development at the local or European level.