The online collection of mascil classroom materials consists of tasks that connect inquiry-based learning (IBL) and contexts from the world of work (WoW). The tasks are set in rich vocational context and connect in several ways to aspects of the WoW. The tasks stimulate students to adopt an active, questioning approach and to explore problems, engage in solving them and evaluate the results.

Part of the mascil collection is marked as Exemplary materials, these can be found as a specific subset on the website. These tasks are exemplary materials not only because they fulfil the quality criteria for WoW and IBL, but also because classroom practices from different European countries using these tasks are available on the web and in the mascil Book.

Another subset of the mascil collection is the set of Problems of the Month. These problems are purposefully selected, providing opportunities for teachers to trial out and work with inquiry based learning (IBL) activities in their classrooms with a problem closely related to the world of work. For each problem of the month there is an online forum, where teachers may exchange their experiences about working with this particular PoM.

Besides these specific subsets, the mascil collection contains other classroom materials for mathematics and science that connect IBL to the WoW. These materials have been designed, selected and piloted by the mascil partners. They have been translated in English in order to be included on the international mascil webpage.

pdfFinal versions of the initial package of classroom materials and guidelines
Utrecht University; Dr. Michiel Doorman, Dr. Vincent Jonker