The mascil project is possessing a great success in Turkey. This is due to an excellent dissemination work on many different levels like teacher workshops, conferences, media coverage or diverse cooperation with different stakeholders. Thus, mascil has been making a substantial influence on policy makers, researchers and practitioners in Turkey. This article will exemplary illustrate some of the Turkish activities that led to this success.

mascil teacher workshops

More than 100 in-service teachers participated in the two-day mascil teacher workshop in Ankara and Nevsehir. Participants of the workshops were grades 6-12 science teachers. The workshops mainly focused on inquiry-based learning (IBL) in connection to the world of work (WoW).

Following a first workshop, that took place earlier, the participating teachers implemented the mascil units in their classrooms. After this implementation phase, this second two-day workshop was organized to get to know more about their experiences during the implementation phase and to offer a platform for exchange.

Selected teachers shared their experiences and informed about success and challenges they experienced while implementing mascil activities in their classrooms. It needs to be emphasised that many teachers expressed that the mascil professional development program had an important impact on their classroom practices.

In September 2015, the STEM teacher conference Strategies for Assessment of Inquiry Learning in Science (SAILS) was organized in Ankara with around 2000 participants. During a special mascil teacher workshop, around 60 science teachers got to know the mascil resources in detail.

By considering the significant number of teachers reached by such workshops, more than 10 000 students will be influenced by mascil in Turkey per year.

turkey 1

mascil cooperation with Turkish companies

To get a real insight in how math and science are used in the world of work, the participants of the mascil teacher workshop visited the “R&D and manufacturing company of automobile technologies”. This company produced the first Turkish electrical car. On location, the teachers received first-hand information from the engineers on the application of scientific and mathematical knowledge into the real world problems. Also interdisciplinary approaches the engineers used to solve real world problems were addressed. They also pointed out that these problems are mostly of interdisciplinary nature; therefore, applications of scientific and mathematical knowledge to the world of work are important aspects of school teaching.

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