The team of the University of Education in Freiburg is cooperating with the training section of S. Siedle & Sons in Furtwangen. The team offers professional development courses for mathematics teachers which will take place in the company's vocational training workshop where usually industrial mechanics, industrial business managers, IT-system electronics technicians and electronics technicians are being trained. The courses start in September.

cooperation-with-siedleSupporting teachers in developing new teaching material

Aim of the courses is to provide teachers with professional practice content based on which they can develop learning scenarios for their maths lessons. "Way to many students believe that they will simply not need what they learn in school later on in life", says Michael Schonhardt, head of training at Siedle. Michael Schonhardt is convinced that it is necessary to support teachers in developing new teaching material and content with a utility value immediately apparent to students. Production technology and processes which the teachers will get to know at the company will show that mathematics is not only an abstract, logical science but also the foundation for many professional practices and aspects of everyday life allowing the development of tasks adapted to the needs and interests of students: "It's about hands-on mathematics. It's about making mathematics accessible instead of presenting abstract formula collections unrelated to students' interests", says Prof Katja Maaß from the University of Education in Freiburg.

Testing learning scenarios in everyday teaching

The learning scenarios developed by the teachers taking part in the professional development courses will become part of the mascil task repository which offers free to use classroom material fostering inquiry-based learning in connection to the world of work. Within the professional development courses the teachrs will also try out the learning scenarios and material they developed in the vocational training workshop of Siedle. Supported and evaluated by the team of Katja Maaß they will find out in their everyday teaching if the tasks they worked out are motivating their students and providing them enough room to explore and make their own discoveries.

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